26.02.2020 09:21:47

Vasaloppet 90 km Cl 1.3.2020

Ilma: -2....-4°C Lumi: -1...-4°C Ilmankosteus: 80...90%

Temperature varies between -4 in Sälen to +1 in Mora during the day. Snowing due the race more than likely.


Harrastelijan voitelu

Kelivoitelu: Start AllTemp MF fluor universal glider or Start RG Purple liquid gilder (-2...-8C)

Apply Start Universal AllTemp MF Glider with iron onto the glide zones. Let cool, scrape and brush well.

Apply RG Purple liquid glider with sponge onto the glide zones. Let dry about 2...3 minutes and cork with roto natural cork. Scrape brush and polish well. If needed repeat the phase to get long lasting glide.

Kilpahiihtäjän voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start BWLF fluorinated base glider

Kelivoitelu: Start HFxt Red (+7...-3C) liquid or solid glider

Pintavoitelu: Start SFR40 (+5...-5) or HF5 (+5...-3C) powder

Apply Start BWLF glider with iron onto the glide zones. Let cool, scrape and brush well. Apply Start HFxt Red solid glider onto the glide zones with iron. HFxt Red liquid glider is applied with sponge and after drying use natural ro cork to fasten it to the base. Apply Start fluor powder on to the glide zones. Use iron 160C temperature to fasten it to the base. After ironing use natural roto cork to run over powdered for the glide zones. This makes the surface more "tight".

Let cool, scrape and brush well.


Harrastelijan voitelu

Kelivoitelu: Start Grip tape original (+5...-20C)

Pintavoitelu: Start Tar red (0...-3) kick wax / Start Universal Minus kick wax

Apply Start Grip tape onto the kick zones. Peel off protecting papers. Apply layer of Start Tar Red or Start Universal - kick wax onto the grip tape. Smoothen evenly with synthetic cork. This prevents freezing with new snow.

Kilpahiihtäjän voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start Base wax thin layer

Kelivoitelu: Start Synthetic Purple (+1...-3C) and Start Universal Wide klister (+10...-5C)

Pintavoitelu: Start FHF60 (-1...-5 C) kick wax

Apply this layer of Start base wax onto the kick zone. Use iron to fasten the layer onto the base. Apply 2-3 layers of Start Synthetic Purple kick wax onto the kick zone. Add some Start Universal Wide Klister ( about 6 to 10 drops/ski ) on the waxing and mix with Synthetic Purple. You can use heat gun or iron to make this. Let cool and cover with FHF60 kick wax from cooled can to cooled ski.